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Shab E Miraj 2015

Ashura - The Historical Significance and Rewards

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Ashura is a day of great historical significance. On this day: Allah (SWT)

1. Accepted the repentance of Sayyidina Adam ('AS) after his exile from Paradise
2. Saved Sayyidina Nuh (AS) and his companions in the ark
3. Extinguished the fire in which Sayyidina Ibrahim (AS) was thrown by Nimrod
4. Allah (SWT) spoke directly to Sayyidina Musa (AS) and gave him the Commandments.

On this Ashura day the 10th of Muharram

- Sayyidina Ayyub (AS) was restored to health (from leprosy)
- Sayyidina Yusuf (AS) was reunited with his father Ya’qub (AS)
- Sayyidina Yunus (AS) was taken out from the belly of the fish
- The sea was divided as the nation of Israel was delivered from captivity and Pharoah’s army was destroyed.
- Ashura is also the day when Sayyidina Dawud (AS) was forgiven
- The kingdom of Sulaiman (AS) was restored
- Sayyidina Isa (AS) was raised to Jannah
- Sayyidina al-Husayn (RA) (the Holy Prophet’s, SAW, grandson) achieved the honour of Martyrdom.

Get Rewards on this Ashura day

1. Worship Allah (SWT) as much as you can on ‘Ashura.
2. Whoever fasts on this day is like one who fasts all his life.
3. Whoever clothes a naked person Allah (SWT) will release him from a painful punishment.
4. He who visits a sick person, Allah (SWT) will grant him a reward that will not be decreased.
5. Whoever applies Kuhl to his eyes will never suffer from eye-sore again
6. Who ever takes a Ghusl on this day will enjoy excellent health and freedom from sickness.
7. Whoever provides generously for his family, Allah (SWT) will be generous this year.
8. Whoever places his hand on an orphan’s head, or feeds a hungry person or gives water to a thirsty man, Allah will feed him a feast from Paradise and will quench his thirst with Salsabil (a wine that does not intoxicate).

Islam Freedom extends this reward to you by allowing you to sponsor clothes or meals for orphans and needy. Or whatever amount you are able to donate on this special Ashura day.

- Sponsor 1 meal £1
- Sponsor 10 meals £10
- Sponsor 30 meals £30
- Sponsor 50 meals £50
- Sponsor 100 meals £100
- Sponsor 1 person clothes £7
- Sponsor 10 persons clothes £70
- Sponsor Handpump Tube-well (Fresh water for 100 people) £200

Your generous donations are requested and may Allah SWT reward you for your good deeds. All admin fee included

Jazakallah Khair!

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