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Hajj Qurbani /  Udhiyah

Qurbani 2016

Qurbani from £40

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Islam Freedom Qurbani team buy selected healthy animals including sheep, goat, cow and camel to perform Qurbani on your behalf accordance with Islamic Sharia.

Qurbani Prices

  • Qurbani Sheep/Goat - £65
  • Qurbani Sheep/Goat Most Needed - £85
  • Qurbani Cow (1/7 Share) - £40
  • Qurbani Cow (1/7 Share) Most Needed - £55
  • Qurbani Whole Cow - £275
  • Qurbani Whole Cow Most Needed - £385
  • Qurbani Sheep (Holy Makkah) - £115
  • Qurbani Whole Camel (Holy Makkah) - £695

We will offer the Qurbani in the name you specify
We will carry out the Qurbani in Holy Makkah (Saudi Arabia) or countries in the Asian Sub-Continent, prioritising the designated site of the Qurbani in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan of extreme poverty to benefit those in most need including widows, orphans, the aged and disabled. We will send you a report with photos upon completion of the Qurbani, if carried out in Asian Sub-Continent. All admin fee included in the price - See Qurbani 2014 photos and Qurbani 2015 photos

Qurbani online payment
Donate your Qurbani to an orphan and needy now, pay with PayPal, debit or credit card online. For bank transfer please email your request to: qurbani@islamfreedom.com.

What is Qurbani

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